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Services Offered:

Here you will find a list of services that are included with each cleaning. 

If you any have special request that are not listed please do not hesitate to ask...

Also check the tips to prepare button above for a list of  things we do not offer.


*Wipe and sanitize all counter tops

*Wipe down front of all cabinets 

*Wipe down all small appliances 

*Wipe down inside/out of microwave

*Clean and disinfect inside of sink

*Empty and disinfect garbage can 

*Vacuum and mop the floor 

Living Areas:

*Dust & polish all furniture 

* Dust and wipe picture frames, knick·knacks etc

*Dust ceiling fans 

*Dust all blinds (wipe if needed)

*Wipe down all window sills 

*Remove cobwebs

*Vacuum and mop baseboards (if needed) 

*Vacuum and mops floors 


*Scrub shower & tub

*Disinfect & clean toilets 

*Wash sinks and shine faucets 

*Wipe and disinfect counter tops

*Clean all mirrors and cabinets

*Vacuum & mop floors 


*Dust all furniture & blinds

*Dust picture frames, knick·knacks etc

*Dust and wipe ceiling fans 

*Remove cobwebs

*Make bed (if sheets are left out)

*Wipe down window sills 

Vacuum & mop floors 

Extra ADD ON services:

* Refrigerator (inside) $15-25.00

*Oven Cleaning $15.00 if self cleaning (to wipe down) 

$20-25.00 if oven needs to be scrubbed


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