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Tips to prepare for your cleaning.... 

  • Communication: Please let us know in advance if you have specific priorities that differ from our list of services that we provide. 
  • Have personal items picked up: Ex: Toys, Clothes, Papers etc... It will help us be able to concentrate on the areas that need attention. We offer organizing but that is an additional fee. 
  • AIR CONDITIONER ON: ​Please keep air set to at least 75 degrees - It gets very hot very quickly when you are cleaning.
  • Dishes: Please be sure to have dishes done and put away or loaded into the dishwasher, WE DO NOT DO DISHES!! 
  • Linens: If you would like clean sheets put on the bed or clean towels hung in the bathroom please set them out for us. 
  • Access: If you will not be home please be sure to leave a key or access code to get into your home, We have a schedule to keep.
  • Payment: Please have payment ready upon completion of job. If you will not be home please leave payment or pay online asap.
  • Windows: We DO NOT clean windows, But if needed I will be more than happy to refer a company that does.
  • Laundry: Unfortunately we DO NOT do laundry as there is just not enough time scheduled into a cleaning session
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